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Messengers of

An extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs.

Everything You Need for Sustenance and Guidance On Your Spiritual Journey

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My soul craves going within… I long to learn more about my intuition. I really want a place where I can access special teachings every month?

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Your Online Resources Include:

  • Pre-recorded Master Classes and Guided Meditations 
  • LIVE Deep Dive Talks, Musings &/or Angel Messages with the Corporate Woo-Woo Michelle lee once a month!
  • A private Facebook global community to help keep you feeling supported and uplifted on your path.
  • New teachings materials get added to your portal every month

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  1. Access Arm-loads of Meditations and Materials right away!
  2. Get exclusive email invitations to LIVE Angel Messages and Monthly Musings with The Corporate Woo-­Woo™ Michelle lee.
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  4. Experience Community, Connection, and Camaraderie when you join our private Facebook global community as you share your aha’s with other messengers of like-mind!
  5. New materials every month to help you enhance your intuition and expand your aura month after month.

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Meet Michelle lee, founder of the Messengers of Miracles Community

Namaste! I’m a best selling author, intuitive medium, mom, and tree hugger here to assist you on your path. So many of you have asked me how you can stay connected with me and others in the soul-felt family. After working with private clients all around the globe I learned the important of offering timely inspirational tools that can be accessed at any time and that support you wherever you are. Out of this vision, the Messengers of Miracles was born! This membership has been designed much like an accordion — as my teachings expand — so will your membership site: from life lessons taken right out of my three best selling books, to LIVE interactive teachings exclusive to messengers of miracle members, every tip, topic, and technique has been created with you in mind. So whether you are here to improve your mindset, enhance your intuition, strengthen your knowledge, or expand your spirituality, this online community is for you. So get comfortable, interact, ask questions, and of course, ‘enjoy the experience’ on this beautiful journey we call life.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I want you to be happy with your membership, so within your first 30 days of getting to know the site, should you realize Messenger of Miracles is not a fit for you, simply cancel your membership at anytime – no questions asked – I promise to get your refund to you right away and access to the site then goes away. Easy peasy.

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