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Michelle Skaletski­-Boyd (a.k.a. MichelleLee)



It’s Intuitive Michelle Skaletski-Boyd, the Corporate Woo-WooTM your Soul Journey Guide, and three times best selling author of Words for the Soul: Heaven-Sent Life Lessons and Conversations with God.

I’m here to share a confession. I am a recovering drama addict. For over 35 years of my life, conflict and chaos drove many of my unhealthy behaviors, and sadly, my tolerance for my own toxicity grew bigger over time.

Perhaps you recognize this pattern in yourself or in someone you love.

Very early on, I learned to use drama like a drug. I remember as a child, and later as a young adult, negatively complaining in a very loud voice so others would notice and then feel sorry for me, only later to exaggerate what really happened and not take any personal responsibility.

Unlike most addictions, drama isn’t tangible, yet its destruction has spread far and wide. Many addicts aren’t even aware they have a problem. They just keep feeding off other people’s pity or pain, or look for problems in others in order to keep feeling powerful and even lovable.

Maybe you’re in a toxic relationship with a drama addict right now and you are beginning to recognize these behaviors in them. You were probably attracted to your partner at the start because of their perceived suffering. And so you would do what you always have, you’d offer your help and sympathy and little by little you got sucked in, and now you’re wondering if there’s even a healthy way out.

Or perhaps you’ve been focusing on your partner’s same interests because you learned early on that molding yourself to what they like is the best way to feel accepted and to be loved.

Or maybe you engage in gossip or enjoy stirring the pot and aren’t even aware it’s the perfect distraction to prevent you from looking within.

Perhaps you vent your problems to anyone who will listen by using your medical issues, your toxic marriage, or your failed career as your reason to exaggerate all of your personal problems – and you are now so addicted to telling the story because of all the attention that you have gained.

From a 3D and 4D human perspective, the drama addiction has become a worldwide epidemic. In fact, some psychologists have termed this addiction NFD that stands for “need for drama”— a personality trait that causes people to manipulate others from a (perceived) position of victimization. (published 1/16 by University of Texas El Paso in journal of Personality and Individual Differences)

Listen. I get this. I am not here to judge. I know what it’s like to be born into this and to wonder if there’s a way out.

Admitting that I had a problem was my first step. And that’s why it took me over a decade to write and to release my novel, Silas’ Motorcycle Miracle. It’s about two drama addicts, a motorcycle, and a miracle, and it’s based on real accounts from my life and the struggle that I’ve had with my husband and all the things that we underwent, especially in the first ten years of our marriage.

For the last several years now, I have coached others who are stuck in drama, and I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned about how you’re all experiencing he addiction at a very early age.

I, myself, remember acting helpless to get attention and then being sweet to feel accepted, only later to become mean so that I could at least feel like I was in control.

As I grew older, l learned how to manipulate the addiction. I’d hide behind a fake smile at work and pretend I was perfect –all the while going through withdrawals of the brain chemical dopamine that gets released whenever we go through that roller coaster of emotions like the depression, and the frustration, and the anger that drama addictions brings.

To say it another way, after a full day at work, I was “jonesing” for a fight.

And by the time I would get home, I really needed my fix. I wanted that adrenaline, just like a drug. I would yell, and I would scream, and I would call vicious names — anything I could to feel that euphoria of that fast heart beat and that increased blood pressure –only I wasn’t at all conscious of it.

Even after I became more aware of what was going on, my drama addiction was here to stay – it was so strong that whenever I attempted to give it up, others around me would pull me back in. It became such a cycle, it would repeat itself again and again.

This was all happening, because I had myself convinced that this is how the world was. I had such seeded beliefs inside of me. I was so afraid of exposing the truth.

I was ashamed of my chaotic behaviors, and I concealed my noxious marriage, even though deep down I longed for a more enriched and meaningful relationship and life.

If you’ve never heard my story before, this might surprise you, it might even shock you. How can a best-selling author and a renown soul journey guide and intuitive go from a drama addiction, mired in crying and depression and anger and often times rage, to living a more peaceful, and calm, and healthy state of life?

I wish I could tell you it was simple. I wish I could tell you the path was clear. Those of you who know me know the struggle was real and it was anything but easy.

Like any addiction, my tolerance grew gradual until my need for a solution could no longer be denied

I wrote about many of these manic episodes along with my a-ha’s and my breakthroughs in my book called Silas’ Motorcycle Miracle. When you read it, I strongly encourage you to witness it with an open heart, — if not for you, then for me or for someone you that you really care about.

Because all addictions contain pain, and that’s why I made the decision to finally turn my life around and to share this book as a roadmap to others like me – a roadmap to recovery.

Silas’ Motorcycle Miracle brings conscious knowledge and healing to the world. Some chapters may be controversial because they do shine a bright line on drama’s addictive behaviors and for some of you it may feel way too close to home.

And for others it may be uncomfortable because as the storyline unfolds spiritual references to the afterlife grow, and that’s when healing begins.

This book is about married couple named Misty and Vann Waters who ride their motorcycle to Alaska in one last attempt to save their marriage. While in route, they meet a hippy biker named Silas who helps bring self-awareness to the surface. Yet even with his solid sage advice, conflict keeps steering these lovers off course. Can they break their drama addiction? (read the book to learn more . . . )

If you’ve ever wondered if you can escape the pain, break free of the drama addiction. I’m here to tell you it is possible. I am living proof that recovery IS achievable.

To say it simply, Merriam Webster’s definition recovery as“a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength: AND “the action or process of regaining possession or control of something lost.”

You CAN take back your power again — Even if drama’s addiction is all you’ve ever known, as it was for me. Deep down in your core there still exists an intuit knowingness that it IS possible for you to escape this drama addiction as you shift into unity, love, and peace instead.

To order your copy of Silas’s Motorcycle Miracle: A Soul Adventure, just click here, enter in your shipping and credit card information, hit submit, and then your very own physical copy of the book will be on its way.

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Messengers of Miracles membership is a sacred space filled with spiritual tools to bring you more peace, more love and more congruency into your life. And you will receive free access to this membership for two whole months as my gift to you for believing in me, believing in your journey, and for taking the next step toward freeing your authentic self… because no one else can rescue you.

In this spiritual messengers community, you receive access to me ‘Live’ at least once a month where I’m there to support you. You not only get all my latest teachings, but you also can ask me questions as we go along.

And if that’s not enough you also receive thousands of dollars of course materials that I have personally used in my library. Membership includes almost all of my life’s work … almost every single product from the Soul-Felt, which are all the tools that I personally used to escape my drama addiction and to move into the arena of God-source’s love.

Receive transformational techniques like How to trust and see auras, How to ground and keep yourself in flow, and How to start connecting with your Inner guide.

Plus over six hours of God-Source and Heavenly Wisdom to help you finally achieve head and heart alignment!

By the way this is one of only a few times I’ll be opening this membership this year. I am doing this because I know once you read the book, your life IS going to shift for the better, and during your recovery stages you may need a little guidance as you go.

That’s why I created this community – to help you through it. Just by clicking here, and purchasing this powerful novel, you receive an exclusive 30 days in the Messengers of Miracles membership site, absolutely FREE as my gift to you, to include 8 weeks of audio and video content. You’ll also get interactions with me and the option to ask questions as we move along.

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So, if you can relate to anything I’ve said about the drama addiction – if you have trouble taming your own thoughts, you beat yourself up, you exaggerate your stories to get attention, or you keep partnering with Drama Kings or Drama Queens and you are just beginning to realize that you too have a part in all of this, then becoming a member of the Messengers of Miracles group just makes sense.

If I had to name one soul purpose that drives me to do this, it’s because I know there are still people in this world who are suffering from drama addiction with no perceived way out. This program is entirely different than the typical “membership”, because it helps you regain your self worth again and take back your inner power to a whole new level.

If for some reason you’re liking what you hear but you’re still not sure if this is for you, I’m going to tell you I’m not going to inflate your ego by sugarcoating this. It does require some time and energy on your part, because just like anything worth the while, you can only get out of it what you’re willing to put in.

So the real question now is, What would you rather have? … Continuous drama dragging on you and on your relationships, or greater joy and peace of mind, and proven spiritual tools that you can access anytime to make powerful transformational shifts with a group of like minded people by your side?

If this resonates with you at any level, then deep down you already know the answer.

Order your copy of Silas’ Motorcycle Miracle: A Soul Adventure today. Then READ IT, APPLY IT, and get ready for more wild ride soul adventures inside the membershipsite–it’s my gift to you when you order the novel today.




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